Sunday, August 28, 2011

Found! Local Artist

I spoke (albeit briefly) with this artist at the St. Albert Farmer's Market a week or so ago. She was a special gal, and I am in love with her art! Her name is Kaytlyne, and she was born and raised in Morinville. Her artist statement really spoke to me, and I consider myself an immediate fan and groupie. I love the idea of supporting local artists and artisans, and I think with more support from people at home, these individuals can truly make a name for themselves in the world outside as well!

Here is just a sampling of her beautiful work, and some of my favourites!!

You can find her work for sale on her Big Cartel siteShakespeareBig Ben, Elephant. And her Facebook page shares all of her current work. She uses fabric in an inventive way, and her images are so full of life and colour in spite of being in black & white. As most things in art, they are so much more amazing in person...I recommend you get out to see her if you can. She will be at Art in The Park on September 17th, and the Make It Show in November.

glitter textures from Pugly Pixel

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