Wednesday, June 08, 2011

LR Before

I thought I would take some un-inspiring "before" shots of my LR transformation. They're actually more like "middle" shots, because I've already moved a bunch of stuff around, but this is the point when things got stuck.

Also, I can smell something rotting...but I can't trace the source. Is that TMI? Are you embarrassed to know me now? To be honest, I think it's my oft-neglected bamboo plant, not an actual piece of food. Still...

I have a lot of work ahead of me today, so I am going to finish my cup of Joe, come up with a battle plan, and "git er dun". I also might be posting some items on Kijiji later today, so if you want anything up for grabs, shoot me an email and we'll chat! I deliver!!

P.S. Does anyone else have kids in their house who know the exact date the new Cars movie hits theatres, and are eagerly anticipating its release? I should start a countdown calendar for Lucas, which would happily coincide with the "remaining days of school" calendar as well! Summer can't come soon enough in this house! ("git er dun" is a reference to that Cable Guy fella who voices Mater's character in the this isn't totally off in left field. Mmmm...I love a good baseball reference!)
Updated: I thought I would post the sketch I was talking about in yesterday's post. The sketch that made me really want to go through with the transformation! I have since had to edit said sketch, as my scale was way off (like, super way off!), but it still looks great! And I put two things on Kijiji this morning and hopefully soon after I am done typing this, they will both be out of my house!!

Updated I was typing this, one lady came to cart away the first of two items. and she gave me money, even when I asked for none! It distracted me, and I never did attach the sketch! will come later, promises promises. Also, apparently, Russel was really attached to that horribly ugly end table. Sorry hun...I will never sell any of "your stuff" on Kijiji ever again! Promises promises.....

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  1. If I were to buy something, would you really deliver? Hah, I think not!


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