Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've been napping...

Like, a lot. But also trying to keep busy, planning trips, working (hard) at the store, going to the zoo, and cleaning house. But I did nap for three hours yesterday...three hours! I'm thinking it was a combination of minor sun stroke and having spent the day carting around some kindergarteners at the zoo.

Nothing creative today, but I do want to play life catch up with this post...
 The kids got to touch some animals that our guide brought out. A skink, a snake, a ferret, and a quail. Lucas didn't want to touch any of them, but he still had a good time...I think. Lucy the Elephant takes lots of long walks around the zoo now, so we were lucky to see her many times and even walk beside her. But a lot of the people who really wanted to see her and went to her enclosure to do so were sadly disappointed.

Today is the last day of school. And guess who forgot to do something nice for her son's teachers? That would be me. I'm going to make some cards this morning to give out, with a nice thank you note inside. I googled "teacher's gifts" this morning and found a funny - yet useful - post about teacher's gifts! So I decided to go with the card and a nice note.

Lucas was practically skipping to school this morning, as if he knew that in only a couple of hours he would be free! For a couple of months at least!!
And for some reason he was trying to climb over the little bike rack at the park!

That's all for now. Gots some cards to make and a postcard to embellish.

later peeps.


  1. I need the shirt Lucas is wearing for a gift for Alexander *grin*

  2. Naps are good. No, great! Have lots and don't beat yourself up for it!

  3. I took Anna to the zoo and Lucy wasn't out or out & about. It was disappointing so I'm glad you all got to see her! Must have been neat for the kiddos to walk beside an elephant!


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