Friday, March 11, 2011

Skirt as Shirt

aka "What to Wear to a Positive Parenting Workshop"

Lucas and I attended a parenting workshop last night, put on by "KIDS". That's Kindergarten Inclusive Development Services. It was great. Lucas got to play in the kindergarten classroom with a bunch of other kids, and I got to listen to an informative talk about parenting strategies. I am feeling much better about all the things Lucas is going through, and we meet with the psychologist this month, and I am hoping for good things! Also, she figures he is at a grade 2-3 reading level, so take that!
I wore is a skirt that I am wearing like a shirt. This is a super easy look to pull off if you add a belt, tank top and cardigan. Pull the skirt on over top of "the Girls". Belt at your waist, then throw on your cardigan. Or save the belt for another day, and add a funky long necklace.

This skirt is actually super bulky, and too big for me, and I never wear it as a skirt anymore. But it is super cute, has sequins running along the top, and sparkly silver thread running throughout, so I could never get rid of it. Now it has a new life as a shirt. I can see myself wearing this in the summer without the cardigan, and maybe with a cute skirt or skinny shorts and strappy sandals.

I also wanted to show you how a perfectly awesome outfit looks at the end of the night. Purple belt and rad giant purple earrings GONE. Scuffed knees from re-arranging the filing system at work this afternoon. Crazed-tired look in eyes proving I can't wait to get into my pajamas. Scraggly hair and giddy grin.

It's friday peeps! I'm going to be taking it easy and trying to avoid the news because those earthquake and tsunami images are too much for me to handle. There was one video of hundreds of cars swirling around in water and I couldn't help but thinking of how much that looked like Lucas toys swirling down the drain in the bathtub, and how many people those cars contained...I actually fell to my knees...I can't take it...

later skater alligator


  1. Okay, I have never thought of ever wearing a skirt like this but it totally looks so cool on you!! P.S. You forgot to mention the mismatching socks (which are adorable :)


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