Monday, March 28, 2011

New Feature!?

Did I really need another?

This one won't last long, because there are only so many tips I can give.

Tips on what? you might ask...

Well, on blogging that's what!

Welcome to my new feature:
Blogger FYI
that one deserved bold, italics, underlines, and colour!

I will be offering up for free, some of the fixes and tips and tricks I have discovered after working with Blogger for 7-ish years.

I am by no means an "expert", but I have tried a lot of things out. Some have met with success, and some have met with keeping one blog permanently private because I don't want to deal with the formatting errors...

Hello Bloggers! This is where you come in!! If you have any questions about basic blogging skills, etiquette or technical stuff that isn't making much sense to you drop me a line and I will answer your questions in a future Blogger DIY post!

I have the following posts already planned (in my head...)
- adding Widgets (and which ones to add)
- Customizing options
- photos (there are lots of posts under this heading!)
- Blogger templates
- Adding your "signature"
- headers and buttons
- Blog stats
- Pages

For my first feature I will be covering: what to do when your photos get loaded the wrong way and you can't fix them and then you swear at your computer and at Blogger and you think Blogger hates you, but it's okay now because Lisa is here.

Got that?
I'll be back in a moment with that post!


  1. So maybe you can cover how to add a hyperlink to you post. You know when you link to a picture or site and you say click "here" then when you roll your mouse over "here" you can link to the site? I hope I am making myself clear......I hope, this is what I really need to know since I just add the full web address. Sad I know! Look forward to this feature :-)

  2. This is an awesome idea Lisa! I will be looking forward to these reads! BTW, I just updated my editor, thanks for the tip :)


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