Friday, February 04, 2011

Grey with a Twist at the Top

I was feeling very grey the other my clothes. My mood was high, but I just wasn't inspired by my clothes. I saw another picture of a large group of women dressed all in tones of grey, black and white. And I thought, boring...I can do better than that!

So my new fashion mantra is that grey and navy are okay, as long as you add some jazz. (Please excuse the Christmas thing on my door...there are still remnants of the holiday hiding around my house that I have yet to remove!)

The jazz in this outfit is the silk scarf headwrap and giant purple rhinestone earrings!

Outfit Details
Cardigan, tights, tank, and long vest: Joe Fresh
Earrings: Vintage, from a friend
Silk Scarf: I rescued it from my step-Mom' Goodwill pile! I have an assortment of her old scarves in a variety of polka dot, and pink and purple patterns. Oh, the 80s...what would we do without you!

My hair is so faded. I'm dying it this weekend! going back to the dark red. yay!
later skater alligator

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