Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get Your Craft On...

Some crafty inspiration for you...

Read this blog: modcloth

A variety of people keep telling me that I am undercharging for my Lime Door wares. I am not trying to undervalue my hard work and time and effort that goes in to the creation of my little headbands and media pockets. But I do think that one of the main reasons I think twice (or thrice) before buying items on Etsy is that the $$ seems awfully steep! And I want people to welcome arts + crafts into their life at the smallest expense possible. I think these fun little treasures should be everyday treats, not something we have to save up for!

I also think I am going to limit the number of posts I do with this kind of slant (Etsy looks, craft and art from other people). There are other blogs I read that I love, except when they do posts like this. It's kind of...boring...So I am going to focus on posting more of my own stuff, and less from other people! But this kind of stuff will still pop up now and again. I'm always being inspired by other's people's art, and I think sharing that is one of the fun things about blogging!

Later skater alligator


  1. Love the red envelope, only thing that could make it better would be if that necklace were in it when my husband handed it over for Christmas! LOVE!

  2. YES! Abby...ain't that the truth!

    The necklace had sold by the time I made it back to Etsy to grab the link!!

  3. I love the red envelope too. And I'm happy to hear that we'll see more of your stuff, that's my fav part of your blog!


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