Saturday, October 02, 2010

Portland Photos..."Everything Else" Pt.2

Here are some more photos of the trip...

Wednesday. The first two are at Multnomah Falls, the second longest year-round waterfall in the US. Always the wise ass, Russ quips, "Gee, I wonder what the other one is..."
Multnomah Falls - Oregon

At Arcadia Beach, Pacific Ocean.
 In Astoria...Jemma was there not too long ago and she saw a tonne of cool stuff. Now it really makes me want to go back there. Also, Amy told me the Goonies was filmed there after we got home. Bummer times two!

Look! It's Mt. St. it isn't...
My birthday "cheers" with Lucas.

Oaks Park Amusement Park (or something like that) for Oktoberfest and some games.
Funny mirrors at the Fair
No, we didn't go on this ride. I just can't resist taking photos of carnival rides all lit up!

Saturday. Our last day. We wandered aimlessly around Downtown Portland...literally...up and down. This street sign shows what could happen to a cyclist crossing the train tracks. Hilarity for us, not for him (nice hat!)
 Inside the Ace Hotel...the place we almost stayed. It was a little too hip for me! But the decor is quite special. And they have a photo booth in the lobby that Lucas and I tried out.
at Jamison Square, cooling off in the little fountain there.
Jamison Square
A Ben and Jerry's treat.
Ben and Jerry's treat

I will have Part Three...FOOD coming up later. For now, I've got to go make some lunch.

later skater alligator

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