Tuesday, August 24, 2010

more coffee please

last night we went to Louisiana Purchase for dinner to celebrate bro-in-law's birthday. Handsome Uncle Jimmy lives right across the street, so it seemed like a natural choice.

And it was so delicious! I had a hard time deciding from the small menu...everything looked so good. And they can do "combos" of some of the entrees, so you get to pick two to try! ACK! I went with Steamboat Jambalaya, which is rice and a tonne of seafood. Very good. Lucas told me he wanted fish and chips...huh? I asked him five or eighty times if he was sure he wanted fish. Absolutely, positively sure. And he was adamant. So I ordered it and crossed my fingers, and he loved it! This is the boy who loves sushi, so I guess it wasn't so far-fetched that he would like this. But he did think he was getting chips and not fries. I forgot to explain that part to him!

I think I am getting a cold. I feel the tickle in the throat, and I've been coughing...ick. and this week is going to be a long one. Kara is off to Creative Escape, so I am covering for her at the office. Which means I get to work a full week...what on earth am I going to do!?!?!? I'm used to having a day "off" at home to do dishes and get organized and clean up and all that home stuff. Evenings are my slack-off time. Hmm. But next week Lucas is going camping with Mom and Heath, so Russ and I will have the house to ourselves. I'm planning on getting lots of painting done...among other things!

This means that I have been slacking around the house...creatively speaking. I'm going to try and get back into working out so my energy levels will perk back up. All the toys and decorations from the party are still sitting on the floor in the living room, and I just can't bring myself to find homes for them all! The latest IKEA catalogue has given me some ideas, so I might make a stop there next week.

What do you think about black cabinets in the kitchen...? Nadine, do you like yours? This is my latest scheme for the kitchen whenever we get around to that! Our neighbour is putting in tile floor, but when he pulled up the lino the sub floor was in terrible shape, and he spent last week replacing it. Ouch! This does not bode well for our flooring plans...dangit!

k...m done. be back later with something fun! I promise!!

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  1. I love the black! It made the old ratty cabniets look fresh and modern. I bought inexpensive pewter hardware to jazz them up too.


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