Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday DIY

so, you'll never believe this, but I actually pulled out my sewing machine and did some sewing today! wow! my first project's been at least since before Lucas was born. oh wow.

I made some goodie bags for Lucas' party coming up...and they turned out so fine!

Super simple, but just the thing to get me back into sewing. And I had lots of fun at the fabric store. Dangerous fun...I bought a membership. Yikes!

and now I feel very motivated to pull out that fabric I bought months ago and get my pillows done. It's about darn time.

so, do you want a step-by-step or what?
The first thing I did was make these awesome badges out of felt to sew on the bags. This is Lucas' birthday "logo", I know! Using a large embroidery hoop, I stitched the badge on to the fabric after cutting the basic shape of the bag, but before sewing anything else together.

Next thing was to sew a little "pocket" for the drawstring I added. The drawstring ended up being made of some extra ribbon I had laying around. I bought these fabulous drawstring things at Fabricland that work perfect. I made it a little easier for myself by leaving a fold at the bottom of the fabric, so I would only have to sew two sides!!

So much easier than a pillow, and the finished product is something I am really proud of. I have already stuffed the bags full with goodies and can't wait for the kids to open them at the party! This is a great keepsake that will also serve a purpose after the party...for carrying art supplies or toys or whatever.
(there is one girl coming to the party, so she gets the pink lightning bolt!!)

I also pre-made little thank you albums for the kids. I'm going to put some photos in them of the party, and then send them out afterwards. I used my tried-and-true card and envelope album technique. You can see the cover of Samantha's in the photo below. I'll post more photos of them next week.

you can tell when I've got a lot of things on my DR table looks like this! Actually, my DR table looks like this 90% of the time...hmmm.

mostly this week I've just been catching up on Doctor Who and SYTYCD (go Lauren!), and re-reading some books (for the upteenth time). I really really need to get that library card.

I'm teaching a class tomorrow at TM: something most lovely. it's a little kid's board book that's been all dressed up with paint and other messy-Lisa stuff. So in preparation for the class, I have been trying to master one of the transfer techniques I am supposed to be demonstrating. But I just can't seem to get it right. And for once, the internet is no help. Where's all the troubleshooting? It's all roses, and perfect outcomes...just like real life...ha. Oh well. It will still be fun. I've got two "pros" in my class, so I think it will just be a fun day to play.

Lucas and I had sushi for lunch...his choice. And then we stopped at Starbucks for a treat. He sure was cranky today. But we managed to have some fun with play doh, practiced drawing, did some sewing (he really liked helping me with that), and had a nap (boy...did he ever need it). Another late night for him, but he gets to sleep in with Dad tomorrow, so I don't feel too bad for him!

Note...if you haven't noticed, I have totally been slacking on the Trends and Techniques blog as of late. I am just not feeling the love over there, so-to-speak. So I am taking a little break until things clear up a bit. Playschool looks like it's taking its last breath, so I won't be busy with that for much longer, but I am taking an accounting class this fall (what the crack!?!) if it hasn't filled up already. Can an online class fill up? Hmm. Guess I should call them next week.

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  1. Love your bag!! I so want to buy a sewing machine! You may have motivated me to purchase one.

  2. Lisa, those bags you made are truly awesome and the kids will love them. To add a mini album as well - they'll all think it's their party not Lucas'. You are a true inspiration

  3. No kidding! Best Mom EVER. I'm very impressed and I do apologize for the lack of love with the techniques - I know that I'm partially to blame. I actually do lose sleep over these things, I promise.


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