Thursday, July 08, 2010

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Today is a fashion post. Inspired by the beach! I wish I was at the beach...

those shorts are named "Scrapbooking Shorts", and the bikini is a "Gentlemen Prefer Plaid" plaid bikini. Finishing it off is "Meet me on Wedgeday" and "Motley Shoe". I could fit all sorts of things in my "Parallel Universe" tote. Oh my.

Do you think I would look ridiculous in a romper? Gosh, just saying the word makes me think of kids parties back in the 80s. I am really jonesing to try the latest fashion of short-shorts with high waists and a button up shirt or tank top tucked in! I can just imagine now how ridiculous I would look! With all my chubblies hanging out! Now I am on the look out for floral rompers and high-waisted shorts...Value Village here I come!

(all above images c/o Modcloth)

And for more fabulous fashion check out...
Spool No. 72


I think that's all for today...I actually have work to do for a change!

Russ and I are going to hit up What's in the Van Man? tonight in Sherwood Park at Original Joe's, then grab something to eat before heading back to town so I can go to the ATC swap at TM. Note: It's the van.

later skater alligator

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  1. I could scrapbook in those shorts.
    Have a great weekend!


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