Tuesday, July 06, 2010

i am a winner

Yesterday on the Sonic 1029 fm rolling game show known as "What's in the Van Man?" I "won" five dollars. I won the booby prize. I could have won a Canon Rebel digital camera. But five bucks is still five bucks more than I had the day before.

how was everyone else's Monday evening??

Lucas napped late into the evening, so he was up past 11. I actually think I went to sleep before he did! But he came into bed and snuggled while he watched some Diego on tv. Go Diego Go.

I skipped breakfast this morning. oops. think anyone would miss me if I headed downstairs for a Beans Bagel? I'm guessing no.

***moments later***

Nope nobody missed me.

k. I am so going to just publish this sad excuse for a post and throw in the towel. today is going just as slow as yesterday, even though I was able to actually get lots of real work done. I am just too fast for my own good.

later skater alligator

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