Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My green card in my right shoe. Something something right shoe.

Anybody else miss That 70s Show?

Today I am feeling very productive. That could be a ruse put on by my mind to trick me into getting some things done today!!

Did you know today is the 16th of June? Yesterday I kept writing June 14th on every cheque, letter, form I had to write or sign. You miss work one day and your week is all messed up! What the deuce?

Last night I did up a lovely video tour - take one - of my "studio"...and I was going to do it over again this morning keeping in mind all the boo boos in the first one, and extra things I wanted to mention. Then I looked at myself in the mirror...and it totally looks like I didn't get enough sleep last night, and it's cause I didn't.

So I'm just going to post Take One, and let you decide! later today, for sure!

After I took the little ones' pictures yesterday, I snapped one of myself. Gotta love a brick wall! Plus, the lighting was just perfect for pictures that day! Finally a good pic of me to replace the old profile photo.

(sometimes I think I write about myself too much here. And then I remember that it's my blog, so I can write about the things I like and know best...which just happens to be myself!)

All the playschool portraits turned out so nice...okay most of them did. Some kids just don't smile, or look at the camera, or keep their eyes open...just like some adults I know!! But they are always a fun reminder of all the "good times" at school. This morning Lucas screamed during the entire walk to school. He fell down, he pulled on my dress. He hid on the stairwell and wouldn't come down. And then Teacher gave him her iPhone to play a game, and he was fine.

What else...??? My playschool buddy Damien drew Lando Calrissian the other day, and he gave the drawing to me!! It amazes me how talented some of these kids are, and how large their imaginations really are! Damien and I really like just sitting and doodling at school! Pretty much anything Star Wars is fair game! I should take a picture of his picture! I want to display some of these fine works of art at home. I got another one from Damien the other day (featuring a truck, garage, and lightning bolts) and I have another one from somebody kicking around in one of the piles. Once I get going on the studio again (this is the room where everything goes if I don't know where it should go), I'll make sure I find a home for them.

k. am done for now, but I will be back! I promise! I put some photo paper in the printer and I'm going to get down to business today, messy studio or not!!

later skater alligator


  1. Oh my goodness, your son is ADORABLE. That has to be one of the cutest pictures I've seen of him :) Can't wait for your video tour.

  2. That is an ADORABLE picture!! (Lucas is cute too. lol)


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