Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the week of weeks

Don't just hate how all the floating garbage of your life manages to pile up all in the same week, blowing in on the wind, sticking in your chain link fence? So you are left wading through plastic bags, and leftover Taco Bell napkins, and meetings, and headaches all at once. There is no end in site, so you just start picking things up and putting them away, in the bin, for good. Until the next wind blows the next pile to your door.

Last night I had a Playschool Open House. Let's just say that Board Members outnumbered new Parents 2 to 1. Tonight is the League AGM where we present our budget and hope it passes. Today my co-worker's husband left a message on the machine telling me Dianne has a bad infection and she is back in the hospital. That drops the mood across the board here.

Thursday night I teach a class at TM...a light on the horizon! My other bright spots are "Buy One Get One for a Quarter" Blizzards on Wednesday night with Mom and the Boys. And Vulcan on Friday. Russ has already been looking into Hotels in Calgary if we decide to stay the night and go to the Comic Convention on Saturday.

Hey, here's a little something funny! Last night I tried this new thing with my hair. I got it all wet, then twisted sections of it and pinned them down to dry. When I removed all the pins I had this lovely, voluminous, sexy, sassy hair-do! Yay! So this morning I tried it again, and now it looks like a combination of me sticking my finger in a plug-in and an hour ride in the back of a convertible. That is, it looks bad, real bad! Oh well...my headache is slowly receding! Also Yay!

For those of you who actually read my Blog, you may have caught mention of a deal on Blizzards in the paragraphs above. This week Dairy Queen is running a promotion: buy a Blizzard and get another (of equal or lesser value) for 25 cents! Yippee! My pregnant sister is feeling very lucky this week!

I think this is a long enough post for now. I hope my fellow Supply Swappers have all started going through their stashes to select suitable treats for their buddy! I know I haven't! But I am looking forward to getting down to it tomorrow.

later skater alligator

p.s. my life doesn't actually suck as bad as it is portrayed in webberland. but I figure every blog has to have a little drama, eh?


  1. Funny thing you mentioned the Blizzard thing - someone posted the poster/couopon and work and all of us who are off this weekend have taken a couple copies. Woo hoo for cheap blizzards! :)

  2. Love the drama! It works! LOL! (and yes, I am making some stash piles - yippee!)


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