Saturday, April 10, 2010

latest and greatest

I have so been in the right mood as of late. Getting my scrapbook on! And I've been using my messy disorganized studio as's about darn time.

And I've been working on some doodles to send out to my buddies and faithful blog readers! Hooray for sticker label sheets.

all pics posted on my flickr account as well...check it out

I'm still taking names for the supplies swap.
I have loads of awesome stuff to giveaway people...don't miss out!


  1. Look at you pumping out the layouts! Way to go! They look awesome!

  2. These are great, Lisa, and your Lucas is so sweet. A few posts ago (I'm catching up) I love the way he crinkles his nose!
    And as for VV, you and I can maybe have cart races one day. :-)

  3. Hey hey...I will do the swap as well, but I can't find the original swap post, so not sure what it all entails...count me though!


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