Thursday, April 01, 2010

googly boogly

Hi peeps! Is three posts in one day too many? I never can tell!

I made a boo-boo and am trying to upload my video directly from my camera stick. Which means I have to keep the stick in the laptop. Which means I can't take the pictures of the items I want to show you! Excuses, excuses Lisa!

I'm in the process of purchasing this beauty for my money-keeping-track-of needs. It' so pretty and I love it already! and I know buying something it's kind of against the whole saving money thing, but I have budgeted for this, so we're good!

these are awesome. sweet handmade paper from art equals happy. so pretty!

what else? my video is at 76% now...but that's just the start of the whole process my friends! there's still a little bit of extra bits to take care of.

i'm posting this, but only 'cause I'm a giant wiener! and bored. I'm also bored. and my hands are cold.


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