Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"life can be unfair at times..."

"But with the lows comes the highs"...taken from Yeasayer lyrics.

Yesterday Russ and I went for a long walk. And today my hips and legs are paying for it! Also, I can feel a cold coming on. My throat is all scratchy. But I smell really great today, and it's date night! YAY!

Weekend Movies
#1. Lost in Translation...Bill Murray is fricken awesome...funny and sentimental...and I loved this movie
#2. The Great Lie...Betty Davis is a thrill to watch. And those pants are hilarious!

So right now my Internet is being wonky. And I can't seem to get any website to load. Hmmm.

-written Monday March 29

Date night was awesome! We went to Hudsons, had some chicken wings, some beer, and a most delicious burger! I love it when the waitress tells me I ordered her favourite burger on the menu!

I was going to do a post yesterday, but was busy at work. Plus the internet takes forever to load. For-e-ver.

And this morning I had grand plans for doing things, but then I remembered that it's a home day! And Lucas is at my Grandma's! And Elsie is having a Blog Party!!

So I'm sitting in my pjs, on the couch, watching Rhapsody in Blue and checking the blogs!!

Other movies I've been watching...
#1. Shane (1953)...I love westerns, it has my favourite leading lady in it (Jean Arthur) and she's in colour!
#2. Rhapsody in Blue (1945)...great music, Charles Coburn, great music!

I recorded another Japanese one last night, and Soylent Green is taping right now! A message came up on the box telling me I'm running out of space on the box! I have lots of movies to watch.


Goals for no particular order...don't let the numbers fool you!
#1.  Keep track of my spending...not that I do a lot, but I could probably do a lot less
#2. Hang those damn shelves that I have been talking about hanging for three years now (in about a dozen different places, but now they have a for-sure home!)
#3. Cross off a couple more "30 Before 30" goals. Russ commented the other day that I am running out of time to finish...and I wanted to smack him because he is so correct!
#4. Finish another Awesome Lovely painting and give her away. Have I mentioned that one of my goals for the year is to paint 12 paintings and give half away? I'm not even close to that! But I have until December, unlike my birthday goals (September...yikes!)
#5. Have another Lucas and Me special fun day of awesome fun. The day we went to WEM was so exhausting and so awesome! I need more days like that in my life...we all do.

k. that's probably good for now. what a loser pictures, no video, no nothing! Maybe later I will have something to show for my alone at home day. My glasses are ready, so I'm going to swing by and pick them up this morning. And if I take pictures, at least I will have those to show you! (in addition to all the other pictures I've been promising, yet not delivering)

goodness gracious

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  1. I have not seen "Shane", I watched lots of westerns as a kid with my parents. Love "lost in translation!!" When is your next video post??


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