Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday DIY - Mini Book

dang it I just lost my post...serves me right...let's try this again. and also my font looks different...hmmm

I know my Friday DIY is a little late, but I'm still going to pretend it came out on Friday, okay?!?

Today I'm going to show you how to make a fun, simple and quick mini book!

This little project is great for little hands! With some folds and one quick cut, your kids can make a special book to fill with their favourite things.

You will need:
- Paper, any kind. I cut my 12x12 sheet down to 10x12, making my finished book 3"x5". Experiment with different sizes to see which works best for you.
- Trimmer (not a rotary one), or craft knife & metal ruler, or scissors
- Adhesive or stapler
- Embellishments

Step One: Trim down your paper if you are going that route.

Step Two: Make your first fold. Take your paper and fold it in half one way. Then open it back up again.

Step Three: Now fold in half going in the other direction, then unfold. I am now realizing that this picture looks exactly the same as the one above...sorry!

Step Four: Now you should have two creases in your paper. Fold the right side down so that the edge of the paper is lined up with the crease in the middle.

Step Five: Do the same as above, but with the left side of the paper...should look like this now.

Step Six: Unfold your paper, and flip it over. Now for the one cut. This picture shows you the creases much better, doesn't it? Anyhoo, you'll make a cut along the crease between the two Xs.  You don't have to make marks...I did just to show you where to make your cut.

Step Seven: Now comes the weird part that is hard to photograph! Turn your paper back over so the good side is facing up and pinch the folds on either side of the cut.

Now pull each side down and away from the other, and everything should fold into place.

Step Eight: Place it flat on the table and press each fold down so it's nice and flat.

Step Nine: Glue the insides together with your adhesive of choice. I would avoid liquid adhesive.

Your little book is complete!

Now embellish it however you like! I'm using magazine clippings of images and words of things I love! I also made this rad paper bead to string on the front...expect a DIY on that guy soon enough!

Four pages of loveliness! Super simple, but super fun too! I hope you enjoyed that little DIY!


And here are some pictures of what has been keeping me entertained on this lovely spring day!

Jumping in puddles

Reading Strawberry Shortcake book in underpants while laying underneath chair at DR table...

He wasn't keen on me taking his picture, but he really wanted me to get a shot of the book! Sweet.

later skater alligator

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