Friday, March 05, 2010

Cookie Dough & Cheesecake Orders

Please and thank you...if you take some of this stuff off my hands I will literally love you forever! It wouldn't all fit in my tiny little freezer, so I have a cooler, a plastic box and two cardboard boxes sitting in the snow waiting for homes!

Cookie Dough. $14 gets you 48 preportioned "pucks", so essentially you could bake two cookies without too much trouble, if you wanted to.
- Chocolate Chunk ***SOLD OUT
- Peanut Butter **SOLD OUT
- Oatmeal raisin **One left
- Circus Circus (has "m&m" candy inside) **ONE LEFT

Cheesecakes. About 8" round. $16. They look pretty tasty in pictures! You just thaw and serve.
- Strawberry (only one left) **SOLD OUT
- Key Lime **SOLD OUT
- Pumpkin ($18) **ONE LEFT
- Summerberry ($18) **TWO LEFT

Since I need to be getting rid of these ASAP, if you order some today, I will drop them off at your house tonight or tomorrow. We run a full service operation here! You can pay me in cash, cheques (made out to me) or a cheque made out to Lakewood Playschool.

Thanks again! I love you!!

P.S. I'm emailing this out to everyone as well, so you may read this twice!

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  1. OMG!!! I have some cookie dough in my freezer too! Gotta go!!!


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