Tuesday, February 09, 2010

30 Hits

So I got about 30 hits today...some of them are mine, obviously, and some Veronica's (!!), but some are from other people!! WOWEE!

here are some "sneaks" for my techniques coming up this week...okay, there are too many rhymes in this sentence...

And a pic of my most recent heart banner in my house. I have been seeing a lot of these on various craft blogs and on Flickr, so I made up my own! Used up lots of old pink paper...which I am wondering now why I bought in the first place.
It's lovely...just lovely...

Of to "make" some pizza for dinner. Maybe tomorrow I'll get my butt in gear and we'll have some real food again.

I'm drawing for my giveaways tomorrow, plus all the runners up prizes. Hopefully y'all get them before V-Day. If not, oh well right!

Oh, and apparently, I'm one of only a handful of parents who love duty days at playschool. I live for duty days...I get one tomorrow. I am so excited!

later skater alligator...


  1. *Blush* I don't stalk you or anything....*grin*

  2. Love your banner. and what is Duty Days?

  3. Did I meet you yesterday? I brought in the art quilt to TM for "show and tell". Love your blog!



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