Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I lost four pounds this week.

I want to put doilies in a frame...I saw the idea on the wall at Urban Outfitters. I just remembered it.

I want to take do a home tour of my own house and put together something like this. And share my home with you. I haven't decided if I want to show it in it's natural state, or actually do some tidying up before hand!

I have started reading Revolutionary Road. By page 9 it was becoming a fast favourite. I'm well into pages 20+ and I am in love! In case you hadn't noticed, I am a fast reader. I started the book last night during dinner. I anticipate I will be done it tomorrow night, barring some other commitment getting in the way. It's about a married couple who have lost their spark, but begin to wonder if it was really there in the first place. Now I would like to see the movie...already the actors have played a role in my head. I can hear the arguments in their voices...it's kind of weird!
Plus, the movie looks pretty beautiful...

"I want you to know that it doesn't matter. where we take this road, someone's gotta go" I hate easy rock, but I love this song. i heart kelly clarkson...the only American Idol worth her weight in salt, as far as I'm concerned.

My internet is very slow at work. Very. Facebook freezes everything. And weheartit is not even worth it. Even some photo-heavy blogs slow everything right down. It is frustrating trying to get a little down time so my brain can have a rest from payroll when it takes so long! Our little computer in the back never ever gets attended to by our techie company, so it is what it is.

Oh, and the coffee is really bad today. am considering braving the cold to wander down the street and get a Starbucks.
have any of you been watching the CHA peeks? me, not so much...but I am always loving the Jenni Bowlin offerings...

and i'm also sort of hoping to get some of this:

I really hate paying for shipping!

hmmm...found this blog...http://laceandchiffon.blogspot.com/ will have to go back later and really check it out.

blogger is being goofy today. oh well. i think i will attempt to finish payroll, then just "kick it" for the rest of the day.

later skater alligator


  1. Woo on the 4!

    I'm a fast reader too. Great when it is a good book and you want to finish it to find out what happens. Not so great when you only bring one book along on your Mexico trip and are half way finished it on the plane there....

  2. 4 pounds!! Way to rock the casbah!
    Secret? Please tell me it involves something fun like shopping or ice cream...

  3. No secret...i've been working out every day. Kathy Smith Matrix Method, "power walk for weight loss" or something like that. Lots of off-the-floor ab work, weights, cardio. It's a nice mix. I mute Kathy, turn on some good tunes, and sweat away!

    I am doing more shopping though, and VV is a great workout for your arms! Carrying all your goodies around. And walking up and down the aisles, some more than others.

    Eating way less, and no junk! well, maybe a little chocolate here and there!

  4. I loved the movie, have not read the book! I bet the book is really good!


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