Friday, September 04, 2009

i'm back...

did you miss me??

I missed you.

My trip was very exhausting. Very.

I did nothing yesterday but sit, play and sleep.

I didn't realize how much I missed Lucas until he came home and I got to hug him and listen to him talk. He's a precious little boy. After I fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon he fell asleep while playing on the floor. That's why he plays with a blanket and pillow.

I will try and post some pictures this weekend. I took a bunch, but I got kind of sick of always pulling my giant camera out of my bag so I stopped taking pictures on the last day. I did get some as we were sitting on the Hawaiian Tropic Zone patio at Planet Hollywood with my $10 beer (WTF???) of the construction going on across the street. The construction that was such a pain in the ass at night because of the giant traffic jams it caused and the time it added to each bus trip.

I will post this...not my picture, but I do have one sort of just like it.

The Forum Shops at Caesars is a 634,000 ft² mall connected to Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. Built as an extension wing of the main casino at Caesars Palace, this was the first destination mall on The Strip, the mall now fronts on The Strip. It is one of the most successful shopping malls in the United States and the highest grossing mall in America, with higher sales per ft² than Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. photo cred.

The first thing I said when I walked into the Forum Shops was: "Holy Shit. This is retarded." Yes I know...very politically correct of me. I was blown away. Maybe not in a good way. Mostly in a this-is-way-too-over-the-top-and-ostentatious-and-beyond-insane way. We only went into one store there: FAO Schwartz, the giant toy store. Russ & I really wanted to see the giant floor keyboard, but they were doing some renos on the 3rd floor and we figured that's where it was. I did buy Lucas two Cars toys that I had never seen before. And now he's making requests for other stuff he wants...spoiled much?

Shows we saw: Tournament of Kings (meh...pigeon for dinner? really!?). Penn & Teller (very funny, very good magic)

Restaurants: Margaritaville (wow...over the top crazy...) the first night. then we took it really easy and just went buffet at the Luxor and "fast food" from various places around the strip. There are Starbucks everywhere so I was in heaven and had a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Cinnamon Dolce Latte everyday (and sometimes twice!)

Casinos: I only put a couple of bucks into Black Jack slot machines. Russ did okay at the Black Jack tables...up $75 over the trip for only about an hour worth of play. We sat through a roulette lesson at Planet Hollywood which was pretty neat. One lady really wanted the instructor to give her a great money-making tip, but there aren't any tricks with roulette. He would give her a tip on how to pick your bets or your numbers and she would ask if that was the way to go and he would say: "sure, but it's just gambling so just bet what you like" and I just don't think that did it for her! She left before the lesson was over!!

Shopping: I spent a bunch of hours at an outlet mall with Coralie. I bought two pairs of severly discounted flip flops, two bras and one scarf. woo. $20 worth of bulk M&Ms from the wall of M&Ms. Lots of post cards (I am cheap when it comes to souvenirs). Also, I can't believe all the malls and shops inside every casino/hotel. They have made shopping the destination, the stores are the attraction. Yuck.

Everything is VERY VERY EXPENSIVE there. The hotel rooms and flights down may be cheap, but you make up the difference the first time you buy a drink or eat a meal. I couldn't believe how expensive things were. A $10 glass of beer! Really!?!

am still working on my 29 Days book. it's going okay. i kept my "diary" very well while I was in Vegas. I did miss some days, but I didn't have much on my mind, and what we did was pretty easy to remember.

to do today: Technique post, Riff Raff layouts, Vegas pics post and print, Nadine's prize mail in the mail (unlikely), go say hi to the TM girls (very likely), Starbucks...

later my peeps. i am glad to be home


  1. Glad you had fun! Good to see you back!

  2. Glad to see you back.

    The whole reason I love vegas is because of the shopping oportunity. I don't drink so it doesn't cost me much :)


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