Saturday, April 13, 2019

The 100 Day Project - 100 Days of Finishing Projects

I'm still working on the official title of this year's 100 Day Project, but the theme is solid. I'm going to spend this weekend doing a full inventory of the projects I want to finish, but my initial plan is to complete the following:

  • Summer 2018 Album
  • Dubai 2019 Art Journal
  • March 2019 Art Journal

I realize this is only 3 items to last me the 100 days, but the Summer 2018 album is a doozy. We went on three camping trips, and I've only got one of those trips about 7% finished.

I'm getting a late start to the project this year, as I was on vacation for the first 10 days of April (which turned into 15 days thanks to packing and jet lag!), so I want to spend this weekend doing some planning, organizing, and prep-work.

I think this will be very important in ensuring I find success in this project. It's my most ambitious 100 Day Project so far in terms of steps and elements involved, but I'm up for the challenge!

Using the Get to Work Book to organize all the steps I need to take is super helpful so far. I've got photos to print, layouts to plan, papers to pull together...there aren't a million steps, but it still helps to see them all written out on one page. Now I can check them off as I go!

The whole point of The 100 Day Project is to work on something every day, so my goal will be to do something to get me closer to completion every day. Some days this will look like a completed journal page - like today - and some days it might just be ordering photos, or planning some layouts. Being okay with the "slow" days where the progress might not be super obvious is just as important as those days where more checks appear in my planner.

Not sure how much I will be documenting as I go, but I do plan to post the completed projects here in their entirety! July! That's one really cool thing about this project. Looking ahead at the end date and thinking of all the DOING I get to do between now and then!

Working on a 100 Day Project is one of my April Goals.
100 Days of Carving Patterns (2018)
100 Days of Watercolour Whatevers (2017)
100 Days of Stamp Carving (2017). This was my first 100 Day Project
And all of my 100 Day Project posts are available here.
The official "The 100 Day Project" page is here.
Get to Work Book is my planner of choice, and Elise has a lot of other products to help with goal-setting and achieving.


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