Monday, September 24, 2018

This is 38

Happy Birthday to Me!

Something Nadine wrote in her last birthday post struck a chord with me. She wrote: "I look forward to 40, I have a plan to stand in the ocean as my best self and then to raise my arms to the sky and say thank you."

What a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone birthday, by looking forward and imagining what you want the next one to look like - and feel like.

I went back through some old birthday posts, and am feeling nostalgic. Five years ago I made some big decisions on my birthday, and I am so proud of me. Revisiting those memories was a good - and much needed - reminder that I can do BIG and BRAVE things.

And some years (days, months, minutes, moments) are made to be big and brave, but this year I find I am craving moments that are small and comforting. I am really struggling right now, and literally making it through the weekend feels like a huge victory.

This is 38.

Nadine Karen Design - This is 39

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  1. Thank you for the reminder, thank you for sharing.

    I LOVE your wall! What a fun picture.

    I know I prefer to work through my struggles on my own but if you need an ear... I am a Next Act date away.


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