Friday, May 04, 2018

The 100 Day Project - 100 Days of Carving Patterns

I just passed the 4 week mark in my current 100 Day Project! That's 30+ days of creating (almost) everyday.

It was started by Michael Beirut - a graphic designer & educator - and has been resurrected by artists/creators Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson, and is a free global movement that anyone can participate in! Essentially, you pick a thing to do every day for 100 days, and then you do it and document it online to share with the global community of fellow 100-dayers.

I am carving one stamp every day for the 100 days. I decided that I wanted a tighter parameter than my last 100 Days of Stamp Carving, so I am specifically carving patterns.

I am using tools that I already had on hand, and my only purchase will be additional carving rubber. Documentation is half the fun, and I am using these little notebooks and Instagram.

This is a skill that I love to practice, and I have already seen first hand how daily practice contributes to my improvement. I am good at this, but I want to be great at it.

I find that I am much more forgiving of myself this time around if I feel like I need to miss a day. So far I have missed two days, carving two stamps the next day to make up for it. And I definitely don't feel bad about it. Partly because this is meant to be a fun project, and I am the only person demanding anything of myself. And partly because now that I have had success & failure at my 100 Day Projects in the past, I know that missing one day isn't going to derail me or invalidate this specific work for me.

I still have 70-ish days to complete, and I am looking forward to seeing how I improve, not only in my skill but in my creativity as well.

Have you ever started/completed/attempted a 100 Day Project? What did you do? Did you love it or hate it?


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