Saturday, August 26, 2017

Stamp Carving - 100 Days of Stamp Carving

This is all of them!! Woweee!

I finished this project back in July, and then summer fucking disappeared! What the hell happened?! I carved my last stamp, put it in the box, and haven't carved a stamp since.

Looking at all these pink babes makes me realize that I had so much fun and that miss this project so much.

On the last day, as I was carving my last stamp, Lucas came over to me and patted me on the shoulder and said "don't worry Mom, you can still carve more stamps even though your challenge is over!"

Things I Learned
- I didn't have to have a bunch of ideas ready to go, but it sure helped when I did
- I got better! Practicing worked!
- There are some that I absolutely do not like, but I still enjoyed the process and learned something from them
- I can't pick a favourite, there are too many wonderful ones
- Rubber is expensive!
- It works best to plan out a design, draw it out, then transfer it on to the rubber (thank goodness for nail polish remover!)
- I know what I like, and when I tried to go too far out of the box, I wasn't happy with the results
- Making mistakes is the best way to get better
- Knowing that I was going to be carving 100 stamps made me much less afraid to make those mistakes

Would I Do It Again?
In a heartbeat! I loved being able to have a set creative task to do everyday. It took some figuring out to make it work in my schedule, but it was worth whatever time I dedicated to it. I would love to do another 100 days of stamp carving, or 100 days of something else creative, but it needs to be specific, and limiting. What does that mean? Well, I like the constraint of this project. I only needed a few supplies, and I could keep them all together so it was easy to just grab and go. I think I would have a harder time with "do an art journal page", for example. Perhaps I will work up to that, get a couple more 100 Days under my belt first!

In fact, I have plans to start something on the 27th, which is coming up...TOMORROW HOLY FUCK!

Seat of pants. I am here to watch you fly.


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