Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tell A Story - My Dude Gets A New Bike

One of the things I struggle with as a parent is Lucas' inability to show emotion and excitement for some things. I mean, other than when the new amebos came out, or a funny Minecraft video on YouTube.

For example, I bought him a new bike last month.


And I was so excited for him! I took him to United Cycle to test drive some bikes, and he rode one and said okay this one is fine. Huh?! That’s it? Well, being The Mom, I made him ride two more, and then tried to present his options to him in the most exciting way I could. But he didn’t really care. It didn’t matter to him what colour, or what style his new bike was. He was barely even interested in the whole “new bike” part of the night! But I was. And I have learned that this has to be enough for me.

When they were done with the tune up, and after we had explored a big chunk of the store (consequently, if you need any type of ball, they sell it here!) we headed to the exit only to find it is POURING RAIN outside. We’re talking major buckets from heaven here. I left Lucas in the store and RAN out to the car. Pulled around front and someone was parked in the loading zone…argh! So I double park my car in the middle of the damn parking lot, put the blinkers on, start moving stuff around in the trunk to make room, and wave frantically at Lucas to bring the bike out. Well, I can see him inside, and he isn’t moving toward the outside. I don’t want to leave the car, but it looks like he is upset so I run inside. Turns out he can’t get the kickstand up! Oops! Well, I get the bike all strapped into the car, am soaking wet and laughing so hard! What a story to tell! What a fun night!

I named my bike "Kevin", after the nice gentleman at United Cycle who helped me order her. Lucas doesn't want to name his new bike. Being Lucas' mom has taught me a lot about life and a lot about myself. He is the best lesson and my most favourite human person.


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