Thursday, August 18, 2016

#sonotladylikegoals2016 - A New Mailbox!

So you might remember from this list that one of my goals this year was to Relocate My Mailbox.  Well, I finally finished this project last month (or perhaps June?), and I am beyond happy with the results!

Let me just say that painting the box was the most fun and easiest part of this project. The rest was an exercise in hilarious failures! The screws I bought were way too long and robust. My drill kept failing on me and I stripped many screws thanks to it. The entire post with box is super top heavy, so it kept falling out of the pot. But I pushed through. and it looks damn fine now if I do say so myself.

Awww, I even painted a thank you note to my mail carrier! I was very excited when my first piece of mail showed up in there.

Supplies Used:
- Wooden mailbox you can find at any craft store. This particular one was purchased for me by my mother after we bought our first home in 2006. It has never been used as a proper mailbox until now!
- Basic acrylic paint and some lacquer for sealing
- Scrap wood
- Metal numbers purchased at Rona. Fun Fact! While rummaging around in my basement storage room last week I found some lovely large metal address numbers for my address! Sigh.

- Lavender, crossing my fingers that it will over-winter here
- Marigolds
- Lemon balm that is calmly taking over the whole damn scene and I love it
- Please ignore my sketchy tomatoes in the background. All of my food plants are shit this year.

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