2014 Goals

I have kept to the concept of setting four big goals to guide my entire, supplementing them with four small monthly goals as the year progresses. I am changing things up a bit this year, as I want to focus more on creating a world that makes me feel the way I need/want to feel and less on setting specific goals.

2014 Intentions

Loved, Loving, Love
I am made to love and be loved. I am learning that the way I show love for my family is by cooking things (so weird, never thought I'd say that!), and giving them their space (seems counter-intuitive...) to do the things they love. This year I want to be more present in the Love I can give to others. And I want to be able to ask for Love in return.


I want to feel fulfilled in my creative, work and home endeavors. I want to see projects through to completion, and I want to make things that are important to me.

Courage, Bravery
This is the year for big change. This is the year to take big steps and not baby steps. This is the year to act upon lessons learned and not be afraid to try something new. I want to take hold of the confidence within me and make it work for me.

My emotional and physical health has been out of whack for me these past few months. I can't tackle the big goals if I am not fit to do so. 2014 is the year to get back on track and then get to the place I really want to be. This intention also takes into consideration my financial health, which I have always been strong with, but this year I want to focus on specific savings goals and the big long future of my financial goals.

and last but not least...
Honesty in 2014
My "One Little Word" for the year. Learn more about my choice here.

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